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Botanical Prints, Hand-dyed

Eco-printing uses plants and natural mordants set with heat to make one-of-a-kind creations.

Sisters Maryanne and Tina started working with eco-dyes in the fall of 2019 just before the leaves were gone, after Maryanne spent about a year studying the methods. If this reminds anyone of how we got into making soap, you wouldn't be wrong. 
Stuck on the farm through 2020 let us spend lots of time playing, experimenting, and getting interesting colors and prints. We found new plants to try and experimented with other natural mordants, etc.  When we discovered the results we got with silk, we were thrilled and hope you will be too!

We are working with papers and various fabrics - all one of a kind, so keep an eye out!  Always something new here.


From a happy new owner...
"I just had to let you know that the scarves are exquisite... beyond what the photos can capture. My family will be blown away this Christmas. Also, we have relatives in Germany, and two will be going into that Christmas package. It's never easy to find something made in America that's easy to ship but these are perfect. Many thanks to you and your sister for sharing your creativity and knowledge with so many. Hope your travels are filled with as much joy and magic that came in the boxes on my doorstep!"  N. Otterbein