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Advertizing, Black/White

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Advertizing, Black/White - The Essential Herbal
Advertizing, Black/White - The Essential Herbal
Advertizing, Black/White - The Essential Herbal
Advertizing, Black/White - The Essential Herbal

Ads are available one at a time, or by the year. Purchasing the year means paying for 5 and getting the 6th free. We also put a link to your site on our blog for the run length of the ad, and will announce special events a couple of times on our social media outlets if requested.
Simply place your order and send us the artwork, and we'll do the rest. You'll receive a copy of the magazine(s) when published.

Full and 1/2 page ads may have bleeds if desired.

You'll be reaching an ever-growing group of herbal enthusiasts and business owners. Our subscribers are knowledgeable and talented herb people. We are in every state and several countries outside the U.S., and the magazine is carried by a sprinkling of herb and garden shops. This is an inexpensive way to reach the exact market you want to meet. All we can tell you is that our advertisers are very happy with the results they see, love the price, and repeat their advertising with us again and again.

The Essential Herbal sends out well over 1200 copies per issue (nearly 1000 print). Copies are often kept for years - with your ad to be read again and again. That number fluctuates depending on subscribers (growing) and the number of shops (seasonal). Most of our subscribers are women. Most garden, and about 1/3 have some type of herbal or body care business. Our pdf circulation is a growing sector, although print appears that it will always be favored by a vast majority. "Circulation" is a number that is arbitrarily based on how many people *might see* a magazine (usually 3 to 5 per copy for print - I have not learned the standard industry circulation guesstimate for pdf, but imagine it is much higher) so we'll leave that math up to you.

Jan/Feb issue - Nov 1
Mar/Apr issue - Jan 1
May/June issue - Mar 1
July/Aug issue - May 1
Sept/Oct issue - July 1
Nov/Dec issue - Sept 1


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