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Clear Space Liquid Smudge

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Clear Space Liquid Smudge - The Essential Herbal
Clear Space Liquid Smudge - The Essential Herbal
Hydrosol Spray. 2 ounces of the most space clearing spray we've ever made.
Our favorite wild woman came to visit over the new moon.  Three of us filled with more spring energy and positivity than you can shake a smudge stick at... what to do?  We filled the still and distilled some magic.  We included a bleeding heart flower for each of us.  There's white sage, dragon's blood, holy basil, white sage, and palo santo in there too. The hydrosol dripped out onto a large crystal.   Then, the jar sat out in the full moon overnight, having spent the entire waxing moon gathering positive vibes.  It even includes some water from the last lunar eclipse.  There are only a handful, and we'll never make this recipe again!

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