Earrings, Wood on Steel

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Surgical steel hooks carry the most lightweight wooden earrings imaginable.
Designed and laser cut in America from reforested wood.

Faeries:  Who wouldn't have a better day or night with luscious purple faeries dancing on their shoulders? These are 1 1/2" high and 1 1/4" wide - not shy!
Ginkgo:  Large, lush, fan-shaped leaves.
Honeycomb: Wear a constant reminder for our wee friends, the honeybees with these sweet gold honeycombs. 1" wide and 1" high.
Leaves:  Pale green veined leaves.
Scales are visible on these beauties of the sea.
For the flower child in all of us.
Tree of Life:  Gorgeous stylized tree.
Beautiful ornate plants.
Sweet spring flowers all year long.
Wings: Are they butterfly or fairy wings?  You decide.