Handmade Soaps

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Bars are approximately 4 ounces each.
Ingredients:  Saponified oils of coconut, soy, olive, and rice bran.  Water, kaolin clay.
Essential oil - (eo)
Fragrance oil - (fo)

If you would like your soaps "naked" without wrapping, please make a note during check out, and we'll be happy to provide that option.

* these soaps also include almond oil and cocoa butter.
** non-vegan, contain honey or milk.
Amish Washday - the fresh scent of just washed clothes, dried outside.
Apple Snap - Smells like a juicy apple, fresh off the tree with just a hint of spice added for interest.
Auntie Germaine’s - Our own natural version of the currently popular 'antibacterial' soap!! The potent essential oil combination of lavender, tea tree, rosemary, and patchouli
Bayberry - A spicy scent of Christmases past that sells well year-round. A lovely blue-green color, includes real bayberry wax.
Blackberry and Sage - Mellow Berries, with sage added for sophistication. The scent is very fresh - not cloying. A pale green base with muted burgundy swirls. This soap immediately became one of our best sellers.
Calendula - We add calendula in three ways to this soap, calendula tea as the liquid in this soap, the olive oil in the soap is infused with calendula and powdered calendula petals as the colorant. Lightly scented with essential oils
Charcoal Detox -Our version of this popular soap contains activated charcoal as well as an extra quantity of Kaolin clay, both ingredients are said to remove impurities, or clarify the skin.
Day at the Spa - This soap, scented with eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils and containing seaweed gives us the feeling of a luxurious day at the spa.
Dude - For the dudes out there! This denim and cream soap is scented with a duplicate of the Davidoff cologne "Cool Water."
Gardener’s Hand Soap - A rugged bar filled with good things to clean and heal after a day in the garden. Fine milled cornmeal, comfrey and essential lavender and tea tree oils. (Teens tell us they find this soap beneficial as a facial scrub.)
Goat Milk - Goats' Milk Soap is considered to be especially mild for sensitive skin because of the rich milk fat it adds to the soap.
Green Tea - With the fresh scent of green tea, this soap can transport you to a calm place of peace. The pale green color is speckled with real green tea leaves.
Happy Camper - Made with Jewelweed and Plantain which are historically used for poison ivy and mosquito bites to make the user a happy camper! A bit of lavender and tea tree essential oils are added to make it perfect!
Lavender - Creamy white soap, marbled with lavender blue. Loaded with the essential oil of lavender. 
Lemon Tree - Our newest, fresh and sweet lemon.  A yellow bar with calendula petals scattered throughout.
Lilac - We should call this one "Mimi's Soap" after our grandmother. Lilac was her favorite flower and purple was her color. Like walking past a fence row of old lilacs in bloom!
Moon Dance - A haunting blended fragrance, that is a favorite of many! A pure white soap, swirled with burgundy. This all natural soap is created with pure essential oils.
Patchouli - The essential oil and finely ground herb of patchouli scenting these bars is said to be an earthy aphrodisiac. A favorite for many people, both men and women. The original unisex aroma.
Patchouli Rose - A hot pink color with a great, slightly mysterious rosy scent and a Victorian feel! You will truly take the time to smell the roses!
Rosemary - Pure rosemary essential oil scents this all natural soap. A white base, with golden swirls of, you guessed it, powdered rosemary. Rosemary is said to restore youth, aid the memory and attract fairies. How can you go wrong?
Scrubby Honey - filled with real honey, a rich emollient, and fine oatmeal. A mild cleansing and exfoliating food for the face and the whole body. This bar is unscented except for the natural warm scents of honey and oatmeal.
Spruce - Living on a Christmas tree farm, we live with and love this scent all year around. It says fresh evergreens to us and is especially nice around the winter holidays
Wise Woman - Not just for women. A deep fuschia soap with our own exclusive blend of essential oils. A perennial favorite. We've been making this soap since day one.

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