Fragrance Sets
Fragrance Sets
Fragrance Sets

Fragrance Sets

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Unique scents in combinations you'll love!

  • Compact 2" diameter x 3/4" tall
  • Strong and long lasting
  • Unusual and hard to find fragrances
  • Fractionated coconut oil and (if necessary) beeswax base
  • Approximately 1/6 oz each fragrance

Perfume Scent

  1. Warm, delicious amber from distant lands
  2. Jasmine created using jasmine wax, deeply fragrant with the essential oil
  3. Tuberose from the floral wax - intoxicating

Fragrance Set

  1. White Sage from plants grown and distilled here on the farm
  2. Palo Santo from essential oil sustainably sourced
  3. Labdanum aged over 20 years, originally from our old shop (and very limited