Essential Herbal Magazine - Current Issue

March/April 2018


Table of Contents:

Field Notes from the Editor, Tina Sams   
        Where I explain my tenuous relationship with math.
Western Beargrass, Sandy Michelsen
        Traditional uses as food and medicine for an unusual (and beautiful) plant.
Slough with the Old, In with the New, Cathy Calfchild
         Skincare with kitchen cosmetics!
Molly of the West, My Latest Skincare Obsession,  Molly Sams
         Someone is having a good time checking out the Asian markets.
The Best Culinary Herbs You Have Not Yet Tried, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh   
         There are a couple in here that I will be trying this summer for the first time.
Ferns - The Ancient Ones, Debra Sturdevant  
         Ferns have a lot to offer us, in medicinal and culinary ways.
Cold/Congestion Shower Tabs, Tina Sams   
         Still some nasty germs floating around.  Breathe deep in the shower.
Scented Geraniums - A Victorian Delight, Barbara Steele   
         Good info on why you'll want these beauties in the garden.  Also, I just noticed a huge glaring error (on our part - not the info).  Sigh... it wouldn't be TEH without one or two.
         Make some jelly with the included recipe.
Dill - More Than Pickles, Maryanne Schwartz  
         Lore and information, along with a couple great recipes. 
Flower Essences: Healing “Co-creatively,” Jen Frey
         Jen talks about the sparkling Dinoflagellates and an essence she made off the island of Vieques.  Learn about the history of essences, how we communicate with plants (or perhaps how they communicate with us), and how to make your own essences.  
In Memorium: James (Jim) A. Duke, PhD, Susanna Reppert/Brill
         We lost an immense influence and an amazing mind.  Susanna remembers him here.  
The Case for Cannabis - A Natural (R)Evolution (Part 2 of 2), Lisa Camasi 
         In part 2, Lisa shares the different properties that occur in some of the various components     and how to best utilize them for medical relief.
Plant This Instead, Kathy Musser   
         Kathy helps guide us through readjusting our goals when perhaps we don't have the proper site  for the plant we originally visualized in a particular spot.  Lots of ideas!
What are Liberty Teas? Jackie Johnson  
         Most of us don't know that the Boston Tea Party was just one of many such revolts.  There were also many substitutes, and Jackie provides us with some historic blends!
Reflections of Winter, Gale La Scala
         Some people aren't done with winter yet.   And from the other end of the spectrum:
10 Ways to Combat Cabin Fever, Rita Richardson


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"This is the essential herb magazine for every herb enthusiast! Written by herbalists for herbalists, it's got something for everyone—the herb gardener, the cook, the home medicine maker, and community practitioner. Down home, folksy, fun and wise, The Essential Herbal is like an old comforting friend who continues to surprise and delight as one turns the pages on a familiar but ever changing subject. I love this magazine and look forward to every issue."
Rosemary Gladstar, herbalist & avid reader

I don't mind telling you... this note made my year.
I asked the readers what they'd like to see change, and this was one of the answers:...
"I think the magazine is perfect the way it is. It is warm and welcoming. Even to the people like me who are just learning. The warmth includes everyone and “eases” them into this wonderful community where they are accepted as one of the members. It teaches, answers questions and gives the reader such an interest in the subjects covered.
It makes me want to try. And never looking down on the new kid on the block. We all fit in. Because you and your staff make room for us. And strange as it sounds the magazine gives me courage to try things and maybe fail. Because of the honesty of the writers. I go into something with the thought that I will succeed, but I know that if I fail, I will try again and learn by my mistakes. Because some of the people I have the most respect for, probably made mistakes along the way. And like me they learn by them and can laugh about them.
I must be getting more confident, because I can talk about my mistakes and joke about them. And you know something, it feels good!
There are so many things I've come across in the magazine that I can't wait to try. So many plants I can't wait for spring so I can try my hand at growing. So much to learn!!!!!
Thank you for the magazine and thank you all for being so wonderful and human!"

"The Essential Herbal Magazine is the ONLY Herbal Magazine I subscribe too, or for that matter, buy. I like the variety of articles, written by knowledgeable people that seem like friends. I buy a lot of gardening and decorating magazines, and am always disappointed by the the pages of glossy ads, and have actually seen the same picture is more than one magazine. Not so for the Essential Herbal. Just pages of good information that herb lovers can put to use! Keep on writing!"
Karen Creel
Chickamauga, GA

"The Essential Herbal is a must-have magazine for any person interested in herbs. Written by and for herbal aficionados, its breadth of scope covers folk lore, remembrances, scientific study and empirical usage - all in a friendly, down-to-earth manner. Well stocked with ideas and recipes to get you actually using the herbs, The Essential Herbal is a resource you will use thyme and again."
Betty Pillsbury
Middleburgh, NY

"I always wait with great eagerness to get my latest TEH magazine. It's fun and friendly with so much practical information for the casual gardener."
Patti Eder