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About Us

Tina Sams is the editor of The Essential Herbal. After many years of running wholesale and retail herb businesses, she decided to pull together some of those resources and friends made during those careers into an herb magazine. Based in Lancaster County, PA.  Over the 20+ years of publishing the magazine and various books, as well as writing books for other publishers, she has made friends throughout the herbal community - one of the most valued part of her career.


Maryanne Schwartz (sister to Tina) does the layout of the magazine and all of the books we publish. She manages to increase the amount of content by at least 100%, while still keeping it a pleasure to read and view. Even more importantly, her hidden super power is returning Tina’s feet to the ground during extreme flights of fancy.  Maryanne is a soap maker extraordinaire, and owns Lancaster County Soapworks, Etc. LLC. 
Tina and Maryanne started many years ago as herb ladies at a renaissance festival, and are known by many from those days as The Twisted Sisters.

Our mission statement: The Essential Herbal is an ever-growing magazine dispersing herbal lore and uses as we allow businesses and hobbyists alike to shine by sharing their knowledge.

For subscription inquiries, site or product questions, media or advertising inquiries, or to share a resource, please email us