DIY Fire Cider Tonic

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Choose from our delicious Regular OR Plus, which includes elderberry and astragalus.

We blended these up for those who love Fire Cider but don't have the time or inclination to gather and chop all the ingredients.

We reformulated to give you TWO quarts, with each portion in a large tea bag.  The muslin bag is still included, allowing you to add ingredients or shake vigorously every day without worry.

  • Convenient muslin bag included - no straining!
  • No heavy glass or liquid to ship, and the finished product can be adjusted for sweetness if it isn't quite right.
  • Make a quart at a time with almost no effort.
  • Can be used with oil on salads, in cooking, added to beverages, and much more - but most people choose to drink a little mixed in water or juice daily.