Wise Woman Gift Set - The Essential Herbal

Wise Woman Gift Set

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Wise Woman is an ageless and evocative blend of essential oils that has been a top seller since our days at the renaissance fair over 25 years ago. People from those days still seek us out to find it!  Rich, deep, and floral without being overly sweet.

You'll love this set, which includes:

  • a beautiful 4 oz. spritz to change the mood in the room, scent your hair and clothing, or make any place a Wise Woman space
  • a bar of this fabulous soap.  All of our soaps are palm-free and made with vegetable oils chosen for their skin-loving properties and "sudsability."  The Wise Woman soap was a favorite of our mom.  Whenever she'd help out in the soap studio, she'd take a bar or two.  When we cleaned out her home, there was probably a full batch of soap bars - in all of her clothing drawers, in the shower, in the closet, and even a bar at the foot of her bed, as she'd heard handmade soap might help with leg cramps.  We always told her soap was to be used, but ...
  • a roll-on perfume made from the essential oil blend diluted perfectly in jojoba oil.  A little but behind the ears, on the wrists, wherever - you'll want use it every day.
  • all in a "ladyslipper" jute drawstring bag