Outdoor Survival Set - The Essential Herbal

Outdoor Survival Set

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The perfect gift for the forager or wildcrafter (or you). Being out in nature is such a wonderful way to spend time.  There are a few little things that can make it less enjoyable.  Who likes plant rashes and mosquitoes?  What?  What was that?  That's right.  Nobody does. We've got just the thing to help.
We put together a little kit that includes:

  • a spray bottle of Hiker's Releaf (jewelweed, plantain and sage in apple cider vinegar) that can be helpful in drying up weeping rashes. During our years at the renaissance festival, the actors would often show up in the morning for herbal assistance.  One particularly memorable instance was the day after nearly the whole cast had gone swimming in a creek, but didn't know what poison ivy looks like.  This spray saved the day.  Not to say they weren't still uncomfortable in multiple layers of hot clothing and shoes, etc., but the spray made it bearable.
  • a bar of the Happy Camper soap which contains jewelweed and plantain with a touch of lavender and tea tree.  Of course all true soap is made with lye, so it's lye soap.  These herbs and oils are helpful with all the itchy stuff like rashes and bites.
  • a Git Stick - which is a lotion bar full of essential oils that bugs hate.  This is a great way to apply a bit more long lasting barrier around ankles, wrists, and necks.
  • a bottle of Git Spritz. We use it ourselves, and a friend of ours who was camping in a very buggy area wrote from the trail to tell us that when she sprayed the Git Spritz on, she could watch the skeeters head for her arm and skid to a stop before heading off.
  • Be ready for just about anything the woods have in store for you.