July August 2012 - The Essential Herbal

July August 2012 Digital

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Field Notes from the Editor Druid Plant Quiz
Druid Herbals, Suzan T Scholl Louisiana Lagniappe, Shrimp Pasta Salad,Sarah Liberta
A Rose by Any Other Name, Rita Richardson What to Do About a Sunburn, Cindy Jones
Herbal Recipes for Well-Being, Heddy Johannesen May Apples in Summer, Maryanne Schwartz
Wildharvest Adventure in Ohio, Jeni D Greenwood The Rose, Marita A Orr
Tomato Freezer Jam Literary Seed Cake
Summer Herb Sauces, Marcy Lautenan-Raleigh The Humble Dandelion, Sandy Michelsen
SouthRidge Treasures, Tansy, Mary Ellen Wilcox The Soap Pot, Yarrow Sunburn Suite, Alicia Grosso
Salsa!, Tina Sams Women Herbalists, Maud Grieve,Susanna Reppert Brill
Herbal Mothproofer Mix