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FIELD NOTES Itching to use some fresh herbs? So are we! ABOUT THE COVER, Kristine Brown Kristine, who writes and illustrates her own beginner\'s herbal magazine,, graciously agreed to do a spring cover for us. She explains her inspiration.
AROMATHERAPY - IMPROVING YOUR HEALTH WHILE CLEANING YOUR HOME, Crystal Baldwin 4 great recipes to get you started on a more healthy and natural home cleaning habit. A LITTLE HERBAL HISTORY, Stephany Hoffelt Think you know all about Queen of Hungary Water and Four Thieves\' Vinegar? You might just be surprised.
CILANTRO OR IS IT CORIANDER?, Kathy Rohrbach What is it, how do you grow it, and what about harvesting and storing? Find out here, and then make up some salsa using her simple recipe! PATIO GARDENING IDEAS, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh Need some whimsical new ideas for small space gardening? You\'ll love the ideas and photos Marcy shares in this article.
MEDIEVAL MARTHA - IT\'S A GOOD THING, Jackie Johnson Just how does one keep a castle tidy? Prepare feasts? Care for the sick? Beautify one\'s visage? Not exactly the good old days by any means, but surprising how much will sound familiar, herbally speaking. ROSE QUARTZ\" HOT PROCESS SOAP, Marci Tsohonis Marci made this stunningly beautiful soap, and upon seeing it I asked for an article. She started at the very beginning of the process and takes us all the way through.
SEEDS OF SPRING, Heddy Johannesen Get those seeds going so you\'ll be ready as soon as your final frost date passes. HERBS OR SPICES, Sandy Michelsen Nuggets of information on the lore and use of various herbs and spices. Do you know what was hung on the door at night during the Middle Ages to repel evil spirits? You will.
SPRINGTIME ON A PLATE, Rita Richardson Delectable herbed chicken dish that includes everything for a meal, all together. SURVIVAL HERBS, Suzan T Scholl We never know when a natural disaster might send us scrambling for herbs to use medicinally in first aid. Suzan discusses what we might want to have on hand to stay as healthy and de-stressed as possible.
From the Vault: STARTING AN HERB GARDEN, Jim Long It can be daunting to start big with herbs. Much better to start with something that we can easily manage and go from there. Perfect solution? A half-barrel (or something similar) is just right. TO BEE OR NOT TO BEE, Delores Harris Is beekeeping for you? Delores honestly shares what she\'s learned, both good and bad.
SouthRidge Treasures: LADY\'S MANTLE, Mary Ellen Wilcox Besides looking beautiful (especially after a rain), what the deal with Lady\'s Mantle? IMMUNE BOOSTER TEA, Katie - Allure d\'la Fleur Early spring still holds the threat of colds and flu. Here\'s a terrific tea recipe to get you through.
MARKETING YOUR HERBAL WARES, Susanna Reppert Brill 40 plus years of Reppert marketing wisdom tells Susanna that the times, they are a-changing and she\'s up to the challenge. HONEY RECIPES & TIPS, PA Beekeepers Association A couple recipes and tips for use and storage.
HERBAL SALT SCRUB, Cindy Jones, Ph.D You could spend a fortune on a jar of herbal salt scrub OR you could whip it up at home for a fraction of the cost (and a lot fewer additives). Hmmm... tough choice!