May June 2013 - The Essential Herbal

May June 2013 Digital

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Field Notes, Tina Sams, editor Exciting news going on here in the office! Planting a Healing Garden, Marcia Lautanen Raleigh A healing garden plan using 12 herbs
Herbal Preparation Primer, Tina Sams Quick overview on how to make the most often discussed herbal preparations. Making Your Own Garden Journal, Marnie Plunkett Marnie wanted the perfect journal, so she made it herself!
Ethical Wildcrafting, Stephany Hoffelt The details of wildcrafting that leaves no damage. Favorite Herbal Remedies, Part 1, Compilation We were going to do a book, but you get the recipes we gathered here in article form instead
The Noble Mullein, Sandy Michelsen Ear oil, and lots of storage, harvesting, and uses of this wondrous weed. Project: Community Medicine Garden, Suzan T Scholl Gather your neighbors and begin this great project that could eventually include plants for all sorts of purposes, including food. Start with Medicine.
How to Gather Wild Herbs with Intention, Heddy Johannesen Being very present and in the moment while gathering wild plants Baked Oatmeal, Tina Sams A very popular breakfast food in our area, easy to make, delicious, and very nourishing.
Monarda - It\'s About Time! Jackie Johnson The \"Notable Native\" for 2013 is Monarda, and Jackie shares some great knowledge. Ode to Calendula & Castile Soap, Marci Tsohonis Great information on all aspects of calendula, and then as if that weren\'t enough, Marci walks us through castile soap using calendula.
Provence in the Pacific Northwest, Jacquie Beveridge The Pacific Northwest is giving Provence a run for their money, with hills covered with lavender. Potager-Your Go-to Garden, Rita Richardson Start a Potager, and always be ready to prepare a delicious soup (or potager).
Plant-based Medicine, Joe Smulevitz We often talk about how many medicines are derived from herbs, and Joe talks about a great many of them. Sweet Summer Herbs, Catherine Love Herbs grow when many other things won\'t if the weather is uncooperative. They are such beautiful, delicious, delightful plants!
Wild Greens, Where to Start, Tina Sams You want to eat the weeds, but the recipes out there are almost too complex. Start simple with some of these ideas, and gradually become familiar with them.