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November December 2013 Digital

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Field Notes from the Editor Tina talks about the fun she had with this year's experiments. About the Cover, a little discussion of the barn star. The cover is from Susan Hess.
Balsam Fir, Sandy Michelsen We know them as Christmas trees, but what of the essential oil, the pitch, the needles? What can we do with them? Flavors of the Season, Jackie Johnson The spices that warm us in winter, included in recipes for Spiced Seafoam, Gingerbread, Rum Punch, and more.
Fun, Sillies & Puns for the Happy Herbalist, Jessica Morgan A few more jokes and puns from Jessica, to lighten the quickly shortening days. Recipes for Making Kale a Regular Part of Your Diet, Carey Jung Carey eats kale every day, and has done so for years. How does she do it?
Roots of Herbal Medicine, Joe Smulevitz There have been many steps along the way in the evolution of herbal medicine. Many traditions have borrowed from and built upon each other. Herbal Gifts, Jean Smith Vinegars and oils to make using herbs and spices.
Beyond the Winter Blues, Marita Orr Many terrific ideas, recipes, and suggestions for staying ahead of the winter blues. If you're one who dearly misses the sun, be sure to take note. Winter Craft Ideas, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh Even more fun, exciting, and welcome gifts to make (maybe just for yourself). Something for everyone.
Der Butzemann, Susan Hess Bridging the Sacred Connection Between Plants and Humans. A fascinating look into some PA German folk tradition. Weaving the Yule Wreath, Heddy Johannesen Learn to make a wreath with found, natural items like cones, pods, leaves and pine boughs.
Holiday Lathers, Marci Tsohonis Oh my... Mint Chocolate Truffle Soap? Need we say more? Like Chocolate Almond Truffle Soap? Five Seasons Teas, Suzan T Scholl How to blend medicinal remedy teas. Suzan provides a chart showing different notes and the types of herbs that fall into those categories.
SouthRidge Treasures, Kitchen Spice Rope, Mary Ellen Wilcox A great fall project that will bring the fragrances of spices into the kitchen and get you right into the mood for celebrating. Buttery Spa Scrubs, Marci Tsohonis Keep that skin supple and smooth all winter long!
Grocery Store Preparedness, Tina Sams Sometimes it's all you can do to drag yourself to the kitchen. Get prepared now and you'll thank yourself later! Retail or Wholesale, Maryanne Schwartz Do you know the difference? If you're starting a business, you should.
Old Country Store Percolator Punch A favorite to serve in the store for many years, now shared with us! Corn Chowder, Susan Hess Something easy and inexpensive to warm you up and stick to your ribs.
Why Not Make Your Own? Rita Richardson Some condiments you might not have considered making yourself. Pumpkin Butter, Karen Hegre Oh delicious concentrated spicy pumpkin spread, how we love you!
Persimmon Cake, Tina Sams I always keep persimmon pulp in the freezer over the winter, just to use to bake moist, dense cakes and cookies.