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Current Issue - The Essential Herbal

Current issue 

 Cover Artist, Anne Butera
Some of the last blooms in the autumnal culinary garden grace our cover.
Field Notes from the Editor,
Tina Sams
     Lighting the herbal fire in a child.  This issue has everything, but it’s particularly helpful in    making food be your medicine.
Autumn Canning,
Rebekah Bailey
     4 not-so-typical things to jazz up the pantry shelves
Herbal Condiments,
Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh
     Salsa, chutneys, relishes, and sauces to bring pizazz to the table
A Story of Spearmint,
Isabella Bergum
     A brief tale of how spearmint traveled to West Virginia
“Brain” Mousse,
Maryanne Schwartz
     No brains were injured in the making of this skin cream, it just looks that way.
The Moon Garden,
Barbara Steele
     The pure delight of night-blooming or pale silvery plants in the night
The Plight of the Bumblebee,
Kathy Musser
     As an herb farmer, Kathy has seen a change in how people plant their gardens, and it’s a good thing.
DIY Botanical Cocktails,
Jackie Johnson
     How to put together a botanical cocktail bar for a large group
Making Fresh Horseradish,
J B Shaffer
     Try some fresh horseradish.  Learn about the plant/root, and prepare it as a condiment.
Peruvian Maca,
Marita Orr
     All about the adaptogenic root Maca
Peppers, Anyone?
Marci Tsohonis
     Info on peppers and how to work with them.  And LOTS of ways to use them.
Mad for Motherwort,
Kristine Brown
     Motherwort has so much to offer us.  Kristine tells us all about it.    
Autumn Harvest,
Tina Sams
     Do you work with new herbs each year?  Be ready to study them in winter.
Tina Sams
     Nasturtiums as medicine and food. Yup – medicine!
Witching Herbs?
Maryanne Schwartz
     Renaisance fair enchantments
Making a Medicinal Travel Bag,
Molly Sams
  It really only takes a few things for most people.

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