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Crossword Puzzle
How does your garden grow?  Tidbits about your favorite herbs will help solve this one.

Field Notes from the Editor, Tina Sams  
Has your USDA Plant Hardiness Zone changed lately?  I can barely keep track!

About the Cover
The Lunaria shines like jewels in the garden, beckoned on by the recent eclipse no doubt!

Introducing Children to Culinary Herbs, Alicia Allen
A delicious and easy array of recipes to help kids discover the flavors of different herbs.

A Year of Foraging - May, Rebekah Bailey
This month Rebekah discusses ramps (and the proper harvesting techniques), garlic mustard, toothwort, and waterleaf varieties.  What a fun neighbor she would be!

DIY Instant Herbal Tea, Jessicka Nebesni
Convenient ice cubes that can go into a glass of water and magically turn it into tea!

12 Edible Flowers for Your Garden, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh  
Lots of choices for eating your way through the flower garden, and a lovely Goat Cheese Spread to enjoy with Honeysuckle Vodka Lemoonade.

May Day Traditional Celebrations, Jackie Johnson ND
Learn about the ancient lore and celebrations of the First of May.  From bonfires to feasts, kings and queens, Maypoles, and baskets to the green man, there are many ways and reasons to welcome May.

Virgin Mojito - Hot Process Soap, Marci Tsohonis
Luscious soap that was formulated to be reminiscent of the renowned beverage.  There’s even a recipe to make your own mojitos (with rum) by the glass or by the pitcher!

Plants to Try This Year, Kathy Musser
A quartet of plants to try in the garden for beauty, flavor, or medicine.

Word Find, What’s in this Issue?

The Many Uses of Red Clover, Kristine Brown, RH(AHG)
Full Monograph, including instructions for an infusion.  Kristine includes the tale of how Red Clover Came to Be.

Herbal Wood Sealant for Garden Tools, Amy Jeanroy
Gardeners take their tools seriously, and caring for the wooden handles is an important part of that care.

Yarrow, Tina Sams
Continuing with our attempt to include interesting information on yarrow in every issue of  yarrow’s reign as Herb of the Year™.

Meet our Contributors
  The wonderful group who shares their knowledge and stories.

For the Next Issue, ideas for writers and what to look forward to.

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