July August 2014 - The Essential Herbal

July August 2014 Essential Herbal (digital)

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Field Notes Some thoughts on sharing gardens with neighbors. Black Strap Syrups, Adrian White An interesting, little-used method to make syrups that are filled with vitamins and minerals.
Herbal Beverage Syrups, Stephany Hoffelt Preserve the herbs and flowers so that you can drink them for months to come. Oh Cover; My Cover: The "Skinny" on Herbs, Suzan Scholl For such a large organ, we don't think about our skin nearly enough.
Herb Crafts, Heddy Johannesen A delightful melange of crafts that will be fun to play with during the last months of summer. Crossword Puzzle--Around the Garden, Tina Sams A little something light to work in the hammock.
Mediterranean Diet--You Still Have Time to Garden for It, Jackie Johnson A guide to one of the healthiest eating plans on the planet. Rose Rosette, Jamie Jackson Are your roses doing okay? Be on the look-out for Rosette.
Preserving Culinary Herbs, Sandy Michelsen Several delicious methods of keeping the herbs that will empower you to savor and use them all year long--and plant even more next year. Soap Connections, Marci Tsohonis Marci shares some of the things she's learned from years of soaping.
Elders & Herbs: Simple Skin Care from the Kitchen and Garden, Janice Masters Some simple and nourishing kitchen skin soothers to use topically and as food. Trial by Herbs, Molly Sams After a life time of watching from the sidelines, it's time to step up to the plate.
Roots to Dye For, Marita Orr Natural dying can be very fulfilling and the roots are just about ready! What is an Herbal Meat Rub? Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh Wet or dry? What goes into them? Why? Well, Marcy will tell us and add a couple recipes as well!