March April 2015 - The Essential Herbal

March April 2015 Essential Herbal (digital)

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Field Notes, Tina Sams Even in the middle of winter with no outside work to be done, time management is elusive. Two Easy Ways to Get Allergy Relief with Essential Oils, Liz Fulcher Learn about some oils and that help, and how to administer them safely!
Folk Remedies for Arthritis, Sandy Michelsen Take your pick from these old concoctions. They do get passed down for a reason. Plant an Herbal Sundial, Stephany Hoffelt Science + magic = flowers telling time.
Kid's Corner! Check Out Chickweed, Kristine Brown Chickweed should be out in force now, and you'll want to find her. Well-Seasoned Salt, Rita Richardson Take that shaker from the mundane to the extraordinary!
Dandelion Fritters, Marietta Barnett Food that greets the springtime. Creamy Irish Broth with Vegetables, Janice Masters Perfect for those inbetween days when winter fights to hold off spring.
My Snakebite Adventure, Jamie Jackson with Sam Coffman Don't try this at home, kids... but amazing first-person advice for any sort of venomous encounter
The Herbs of Avalon, Jackie Johnson Jackie is putting Glastonbury on a lot of wish lists with this article. As if we needed more reasons. Hex Signs & PA Dutch Herbalism, Molly Sams 3 generations away from family who were treated by these healers, the interest is stirred anew.
Kava: The Relaxation Inducer, Joe Smulevitz Exactly what is the status of Kava's safety? You might be surprised to find out. Rosemary Lavender Soap, Marci Tsohonis Pure summer sunshine, airy breezes, and clean, fresh scents: this soap.
Time to Sip My Garden Again, Marcia E Herman Gather the herbs for year-round brewing. Through the Looking Glass II, Susanna Reppert Learn about fairy artist Ida Sherbourne Rentoul in this issue!
Spring Cleaning in the Still Room, Catherine Love Natural cleansers for the house, just in time. Favorite Spring Tonic, Jackie Johnson This looks delicious - like root beer.