January February 2016 - The Essential Herbal

January February 2016 Essential Herbal (digital)

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Field Notes Some personal thoughts as we leap into our 15th year of publication. About the Cover Carey Jung talks about her inspiration for this issue's cover.
About the Cover Carey Jung talks about her inspiration for this issue's cover. Introduction to Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, Daniel Cashman A little history, and some information on how TCM is used today.
Beginner Medicinal Herbs for Children - Flu Season, Dawnmarie Schneider Do you know how to dose a child with herbs? Some really helpful herbs and how to use them. Clary Sage, Carol Ann Harlos Learn about this gloriously showy and useful member of the Salvia family.
Toners, Tina Sams Quick and easy facial toners to keep your skin feeling Garden Journals, Jackie Johnson Keeping track of what goes on from year to year is a valuable habit to acquire. Jackie talks about lots of things we might not have thought to include.
Returning to My Herbal Roots, Catherine Love A year-end remembrance and return. Greeting the Cold Moon, Jackie McDowell Staying comfortable in the wintertime cold can be a challenge during the monthly cycles, but herbs can help.
February, Adrie Lester A poem. How'd We Get Here? Tina Sams As our EH family has grown and grown, we realized that maybe some of you might like to "meet" us and hear a tiny bit of our story.
Kicking Crud with Cayenne, Kristine Brown Cayenne--Herb of the Year--as only Kristine can write about it. Pain: Herbs That Help, Suzan Tobias Scholl What is pain and how can we use herbs to help deal with it?
Bohemian Rose Soap, Marci Tsohonis With a name like that, what else do you need to know? I want that soap!!! Combating Stress & Sadness with Herbs, Michelle Pfaff Personal experience is unfortunately a great teacher.
Cupcake Tin Herb Cubes, Rita Richardson Preserving herbs. Surviving the Long Winter, Debbie Sturdevant Great suggestions for pulling through and getting to the other side along with a beautiful illustration, also by Debbie.
Tea Time, Sandy Michelsen Some tea history, and wonderful blends you can make. Perfect for relaxing with a good book. Spring Cleaning with Herbs, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh Non-toxic, natural cleaning solutions are less expensive and less damaging to our skin, surfaces, and the environment.
Tea Crafting for Winter Wellness, Kori Rodley Some great herbal teas to support and assist in the winter.