March April 2016 PDF - The Essential Herbal

March April 2016 Essential Herbal (digital)

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Field Notes, Tina Sams Making lemonade from lemons, or movin' on down.
In the Liminal, Adrie Lester Poetry.
Clingy Cleavers, Kristine Brown Learn all about this early spring helper.
Herb Notes from 1000 Foods, Rita Richardson Book review.
Simmering Spices, Maryanne Schwartz A recipe to cleanse the air.
Relief from Restless Leg Syndrome, Liz Fulcher Several great remedies to help put an end to that creepy crawly feeling.
Floriography, The Silent Language of Flowers, Debra Sturdevant Communication was accomplished without uttering a word. Here's how...
The Healing Power within Turmeric: Curcumin, Joe Smulevitz This amazing spice has so much to offer us. It can address a great variety of ailments, and it complements so many dishes, too.
Crossword Puzzle, Cayenne A little fun with the herb of the year.
Mountain Mint: Notable Native 2016, Molly Sams One of our favorite plants for pollinators here in our garden.
Colonial Gardens, Jackie Johnson Not so long ago, these gardens made the difference between a hard winter, and a terribly hard winter.
Native American Plant, Labrador Tea, Marcy Lautanen Raleigh Read about this folk medicine also known as "Indian Tea."
What Your Liver Needs, Suzan Tobias Scholl What are the best ways to help keep this very vital organ... well... vital?
Figgie-Oat Honey Soap, Marci Tsohonis Another spectacular and unusual soap recipe from Marci.
Violets: Jewels of the Field, Elisha Goulet It's almost time to spend a few hours on the ground picking violets. Find out why you'll want to take part in this spring tradition.
Using Herbs in Self Care, Molly Sams We so often forget how to slow down and relax, but with a few herbal preparations, it can be much easier.
Rosemary, Because I Remember! Tina Sams This versatile tender perennial has long been a part of herbal legends.
It All Starts with the Harvest, Susanna Reppert-Brill A chart showing tea from harvest to cup, and how it got there.