November December 2016 - The Essential Herbal

November December 2016 Essential Herbal (digital)

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Field Notes from the Editor, Thinking about Intellectual Property in New Millennium About the Cover, Carey Jung A wintry love song to water in the midst of the struggles for clean water in North Dakota
Sending Herbal Help, Tina Sams How exactly can we be of the most assistance with limited funds, when calls for help are becoming so frequent? Herby Pasta Comfort, Rita Richardson In the deep of winter, rich gooey old fashioned macaroni and cheese can sure hit the spot.
Cannabis, Rochelle Baca Legal in several states, it is time for the discussion of this valued medicinal plant to begin in earnest, out in broad daylight. A Newbie Herbie, Chelsea Nasatka The tale of finding one's newly born inner herbie on a trip to a woman's herbal gathering...
Exploring Herbal Preparations (Pao Zhi) in TCM, Daniel Cashman Each different means of preparing a medicine gives it a different name. This article helps demystify these processes. Nature Ornaments, Janet Gutierrez Using the beauty of nature to decorate for the holidays.
Essential Oil Primer Crossword Puzzle, Marge Clark A fun way to learn a LOT. Puzzles provide a ton of information in a relatively small space. I love this one. Herbalist Gift Giving Guide, Jackie Johnson You'll find over 15 fabulous ideas and recipes in this article. Something for everyone!
Seasonal Benefits of Pine, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh Pleasant uses for pine and various conifers we associate with the season. Several great recipes/instructions. White Pine, Dr JoAnn Quattrone Ode to this medicine tree.
Three Kings Soap, Marci Tsohonis Mmmmm... a deluxe soap scented with a blend of essential oils you'll love. Bonus soap ball instruction. Sensational Cinnamon, Kristine Brown There's a lot more to cinnamon than a little sprinkle over your latte. Recipes included for Cinnamon Cocoa and Cinnamon Rose Elixir!
The Role of the Carrier in Aromatherapy, Lisa Marie Layman Carrier are the unsung work horses in aromatherapy. Learn how 6 popular carrier oils work, and when they are best used. Giving the Gift of Relaxation, Debra Sturdevant Have you wanted to try making bath fizzies? Debra gives complete instructions and a great recipe!