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~ a link on the TEH blog throughout the run of the ad
~ live links on pdf 
_ our advertisers are mentioned and linked in the EXTRA exclusive content during the months that magazines don't come out.
- purchase a full year and get one issue free

You'll be reaching an ever-growing group of herbal enthusiasts and business owners. Our subscribers are knowledgeable and talented herb people. We are in every state and several countries outside the U.S.  This is an inexpensive way to reach the exact market you want to meet.  All we can tell you is that our advertisers are very happy with the results they see, love the price, and repeat their advertising with us again and again.
Since switching to digital-only, we have less ability to clearly know the number of views a magazine has, but we can say without hesitation that your ad will reach at least 1000 herbal enthusiasts.  That doesn't count the link on the blog.

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