July/August 2020 Essential Herbal magazine (digital)

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Table of Contents
Cover, Debra Sturdevant
Field Notes from the Editor, Tina Sams
Dill With It, Alicia Foster Allen
      It’s mint to be – basil today but tarragon tomorrow! Delicious recipes featuring garden herbs.
Custard, Hot or Cold, Rebekah Bailey
      Baked or frozen, what's your favorite? Wonderful options for flavors.
Spilanthes, The Oddball Eyeball Plant, Kristine Brown RH(AHG)
      I'm wondering why I never grew this plant before.
Excerpt - Cannoli Be Murder, Catherine Bruns
      Cinnamon Chip Biscotti - perfect for afternoon tea/coffee pick-me-up!
Ginger Elixir, How and Why, Tina Sams
      A useful concoction to have on hand.
Facebook Group List Question
      Did your garden plans change because of the pandemic?
Excerpt - Herbal Medicine for Emotional Healing
      2 recipes from the book and a bonus link to a video of Tina making a third.
Review, Year of Wonders, Jackie Johnson
      A book dealing with a woman's experience with a 1600's plague.
High Summer in the Garden, Kathy Musser
      Showy herbs for the last half of summer and some interesting flowers to add.
Summer Favorites, Marci Tsohonis
      Salad days!
More Herbs, Less Salt Day, Marci Lautanen Raleigh
      Savory blends to bring out the flavor of foods without much (if any) salt.
Rita’s Ramblings, Rita Richardson
      Musings on flavors old and new.
Wild Cherry, Jenel Schaffer
      The many benefits of the bark of this splendid tree.
Companion Planting, Sandy Michelsen
      Sometimes plants help each other grow, produce, and fight off pests.
Venturing into Eco-Printing, Maryanne Schwartz
      A new obsession here on the farm!