May June 2019 Essential Herbal - The Essential Herbal

May June 2019 Essential Herbal (digital)

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Field Notes from the Editor, Tina Sams
All about the perfect season, coming right up.                                                              

The Birth of Herbal Wellness, Danielle Bergum
A healthy pregnancy is the goal. Ideas and recipes included.

May Wine, Maryanne Schwartz
An ancient tradition to welcome the glorious spring.

A Garden Journey - The Still Room, Rebekah Bailey
Along the way, with the work comes reward.

Fragrance & Foliage - The Lure of Scented Geraniums, Kathy Musser
There are so many varieties of these beauties.  Grow one or six!

Our Favorite Essential Oils for Spring Cleaning, Amber M. LaBord
Lose the harsh cleaning solutions, and switch to simple and fresh.                            

Bravo Blackberry, Kristine Brown
A plant that offers help from roots to fruit, don’t overlook this beauty.                          

List Article - Herbal Mistakes
Sometimes the lessons that stay with us were mistakes we made.                           

Recipes from Mountain Mary, Mary Graber
Some delights from Mary’s tea room.                                                                           

Sassafras Soap, Marci Tsohonis
A soap full of benefits, this old remedy comes through the process.                            

Souvenirs from France, Rita Richardson
Unusual plant markers for the garden.                                                                           

Sweet Cicely, Theresa Mieseler
This fragile looking beauty is a fragrant treat.                                                                

Flower & Herb Syrups, Tina Sams
Fun (and useful) experimentation for the early summer.                                               

All in the Family - Pt.1, Rosaceae Family, Jackie Johnson
A family reunion of Rosaceae would be enormous!                                                      

Cherry Bounce, Tina Sams
It’s purely medicinal, of course.  Really, ask your aching joints.                                   

Summer Iced Tea, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh
Great tea blends and recipes for keeping cool this summer.