Patchouli Set - The Essential Herbal

Patchouli Set

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... this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius, age of ... Oh wow!  Hi!  Let me tell you about our groov-a-licious patchouli stuff! 
This is the real thing, deep and earthy, totally unisex, and straight from the plant.  Patchouli essential oil is said to possess many beneficial properties, not the least of which is in the care of aging skin.  We can dig that.  True patchouli isn't for everyone.  People either love it or hate it.  If you are into it, we've got you!  This set includes:

  • soap that in addition to rich, thick, dark essential oil, contains powdered patchouli leaves, giving the soap a light brown color.
  • lotion bar/solid perfume loaded with the scent that will last a long time.  Patchouli is known as a fixative, meaning that it helps hold other scents in things like soap, perfume, and potpourri.  It lasts.
  • spritz for a broader application.  This is great for closets and drawers, by the way.  During (I think) WW1, Challis shawls were imported from India, and were packed in Patchouli leaves to protect them from insects during the long sea voyage. People loved the scent and made the shawls extremely popular - the scent followed
  • In a jute drawstring bag, this makes a totally far-out and like, cool gift.  You might want it for yourself, too.