September October 2023 Essential Herbal Magazine

September October 2023 Essential Herbal Magazine

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Field Notes from the Editor
Back from a conference, we’re renewed and full of ideas!

About the Cover, Calendula Bath Herbs
Make a simple batch of bathing herbs to soak and soothe.

Pass-Along Plants, Barbara Steele
Those plants that were shared, and the ones we share with others are surprisingly meaningful.

It’s On the Menu, Alicia Allen
Hearty chicken and pork meals that include lots of those vegetables in the garden.  And dessert!

Guide to Harvesting & Drying Your Own Herbs for your Home Apothecary,
Jen Sutherland Cline
How do we preserve thee?  Let us count the ways…

Looking Back, Kathy Musser
What can you learn from 25 years in business?  Kathy shares a few of those things – and her favorite plants.

Um, About that Apothecary Cupboard?  Marci Tsohonis
Reorganizing to make room for the newly grown herbs became a pretty big project, but it turned out to be a beauty!

Embracing Autumn’s Bounty, Fall Uses of Herbs, Marcy Lautanen Raleigh
There are so many different ways that we can enjoy herbs.  Marcy shares some of hers.

Interactive Jigsaw Puzzle, Summer Harvest
We haven’t tried this before.  Once you pick up the directions, it’s pretty much fun!

Mushroom Bouillon Powder and Paste + Homemade Seasoning Salt Recipe,
Heidi Shayla
Versatile and flavorful additions to your cooking can also be good for you.

Music in the Garden, Susanna Reppert
What do you listen to (or sing) when you’re out in the garden working?  If you need some ideas, Susanna has got you covered.

Our Very Young Apprentice, Tina Sams
There’s nothing to remind you of the wonder of plants, like showing a young person some of that magic!

Wondrous Willow, Kristine Brown, RH (AHG)
All the amazing ways that willow offers us his many gifts.  Learn all about it.

Meet Our Contributors
Who are these generous herbfolk sharing their knowledge?  Meet them here.