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Winter 2020 ebook

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Winter 2020 ebook
A fun collection of articles from previous issues,
34 articles in a jam-packed 42 pages.  Food, medicine, crafts, oils, how we feel about what we do - a real primer in herbalism.

Table of Contents:
Herbs to Fight Viruses
Beginner Medical Herbs for Children
The Herb Taste War - Cilantro vs. Ivory Soap
Holiday Breads
Solid Perfume
Herbal Concoctions
Holiday Sweets with Exotic Herbs
Buttery Spa Scrub
Flavors of the Season
Greeting the Cold Moon - Herbal Comfort for Wintertime Monthly Cycles
Fun, Sillies & Puns for the Happy Herbalist
Therapeutic Baths
Handmade Holidays
Winter Soups
Kicking Crud with Cayenne
Skin Toners
LA Lagniappe - Spiced Citrus & Cranberry Punch
Making Time
Oatmeal - Food as Medicine
Mullein, the Great
My Herbalism
Balsam Poplar (Cottonwood) Soap
Refilling Your Own Cup
Essential Oils vs. Fragrance Oils
Surviving the Long Winter
Through the Looking Glass
Winter Craft Ideas
Sweet Sleep Tea
Herbs for the Eating Season
Collector of Stories
Valentine Specialties from the Herb Garden
Cover Art by Debra Sturdevant

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