Another Nettles/Greens Supper

Posted by Tina Sams on

There are so many delicious wild greens coming up right now.  The best way to learn to use them is to just start throwing them into dishes.  They are usually tender, so just the last few minutes of cooking is generally best.  Tonight I was in the mood for an omelet.
Here's how it went down...
Went outside and picked a few cups of garlic mustard leaves and stinging nettles leaves. 
Pulled out a skillet, and threw in a pat of butter.
Dumped a pint of baby bella mushrooms (use what you have) and about an ounce of water on medium heat, covered. 
Allowed them to cook til about done, added greens and another ounce of water, covered, then turned to low.

In the meantime, I pulled out another skillet and started 2 eggs.
Once they were set, I layered on top...
Single layer of super thin slices of smoked ham.
Handful of shredded cheddar.
 - cover for a couple minutes to melt cheese.
Add about 1/2 the mushrooms and greens
Slide onto plate and flip the one side over on top.
Top with salsa.

And there's enough filling to have it again for lunch.

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